Shooting for the Heart

Ah, proposing in the famous San Francisco fog - it's like getting down on one knee in a cloud of love! But remember, you might find yourself on bended knee for longer than anticipated, waiting for your partner to spot you through the mist.

We believe that a successful proposal is not just about the ring or the perfect location, but also about capturing the beauty, emotion, and authenticity of that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

We are a team of passionate and creative photographers who absolutely love capturing the unforgettable moments of life. Our expertise spans across a range of events, from corporate galas to extravagant weddings and fashion photoshoots. However, there is something truly special about the intimate and magical moment of a marriage proposal that fills our hearts with joy and excitement.

We understand that this is a moment you will cherish forever, and we feel honored to be a part of it. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at ease while we work our magic, capturing every precious moment without disrupting the natural flow of events. We are passionate about our craft and always strive to exceed your expectations, leaving you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Propose near the Golden Gate Bridge if you know the relationship is going to be "suspension-filled".

{ Our Favorite Spots }

Baker beach

As you pop the question against the backdrop of a radiant sunset or the bridge's silhouette, you'll be crafting a picturesque and heartfelt experience that both of you will cherish for a lifetime. Read more>

Sutro Baths Epic Sunset Proposal

As you ask for your partner's hand amidst the whispering waves and the setting sun, the mystique and romance of the Sutro Baths will create an unforgettable experience that you both will treasure for years to come. Read more>

Lovers Lane Proposal

Lovers Lane

Lovers Lane, a secluded and charming path in San Francisco's Presidio, provides the perfect romantic backdrop for an intimate marriage proposal. Surrounded by towering eucalyptus trees and lush greenery, the winding trail embodies the essence of love and connection. As you walk together beneath the dappled sunlight, the enchanting atmosphere will help set the stage for your special moment. When you pop the question on Lovers Lane, you'll be crafting an unforgettable experience that will symbolize the beginning of your lifelong journey as a couple. Read more>

Russian Hill Proposal

For an intimate and memorable proposal in San Francisco, consider a hidden gem like the small park atop Russian Hill. This secluded spot offers breathtaking city views, lush greenery, and a tranquil atmosphere. Read more>

Fairmont Rooftop

Fairmont Rooftop

Popping the question amidst the enchanting ambiance of the Fairmont rooftop will create a memory that will be treasured forever.

Japanese Tea Gardens

Japanese Tea Gardens

As you ask for your partner's hand amidst the delicate cherry blossoms or beside the peaceful koi ponds, the timeless beauty and harmony of the Japanese Tea Garden will weave a spellbinding moment that will be forever etched in your hearts.

Pier 14 Proposal

Pier 14

Pier 14 in San Francisco is a picturesque and romantic location for a marriage proposal. With its sweeping views of the city skyline, the Bay Bridge, and the bay itself, the pier sets the stage for an unforgettable moment.

bring a dog to san francisco proposal

Ina Coolbrith Park, nestled in the heart of San Francisco, offers a charming and intimate setting for a marriage proposal. This hidden gem boasts panoramic views of the city, the Bay Bridge, and the bay itself, providing a stunning backdrop for your special moment. Read more>

san francisco balcony proposal

Rented Rooftop

A rooftop proposal in San Francisco, with its dazzling city views, offers an enchanting and unforgettable experience for couples taking the next step in their journey together. As the sun sets and the city lights begin to sparkle, the vibrant urban landscape provides a breathtaking backdrop for this intimate moment.

Muir Woods Proposal

Muir Woods

Muir Woods, with its ancient, towering redwoods and serene, mystical ambiance, provides a truly awe-inspiring setting for a marriage proposal.

We offer a variety of customizable options, including photography, video, drone coverage and more. We will work closely with you to understand your unique vision, ensuring that every detail is captured with elegance and style.

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We understand the importance of creating a complete plan for your special moment. We want to make your proposal as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, which is why we provide a complete plan for your proposal.

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Our video tutorial will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that your proposal goes off without a hitch.

It will guide you through every step of the process from the moment you park the car till the actual proposal. Our video tutorial is easy to follow and will make your proposal planning process a breeze. It worked 100% of the time.