Planning Your Proposal

A couple standing on top of a cliff at sunset in yosemite national park.

We understand the importance of capturing the magic and emotion of a once-in-a-lifetime moment. To ensure that your proposal runs smoothly and the photographs perfectly capture the essence of your love story, we create a seamless and stress-free plan that covers all aspects of your big day.

The planning process starts with a thorough consultation, where we discuss the best location and ideal time of day for your proposal. We will provide important insight into picturesque spots and optimal lighting conditions. We will also offer tips on avoiding crowds or how to blend in seamlessly if the location happens to be busy.

To ensure that we are in sync with you on the big day, we will discuss live location sharing. This real-time coordination allows us to position ourselves perfectly while also providing guidance on how to stall or divert to a backup location should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

In addition to live location-sharing, we also encourage sharing selfies as a way to spot each other from a distance, helping to maintain the element of surprise. This clever approach ensures that your partner remains unaware of the hidden photographer, keeping the magic of the moment alive.

We are experts at adapting to any situation. In the event of rain, we will provide guidance on alternative locations or how to utilize the weather to create a unique and atmospheric setting for your proposal. After all, even a sudden downpour can become a beautiful part of your love story when captured through the lens of a skilled photographer.

Throughout the entire process, we will work closely with you to create an easy-to-follow plan that takes the pressure off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the most important aspect of the day: asking the love of your life to marry you.

Sutro Baths is a truly amazing place for a marriage proposal. The stunning ocean views, dramatic rocky shoreline, and the historic ruins of the baths create a picturesque and unforgettable setting for a proposal. The location is filled with character and charm, providing a unique backdrop for your special moment.

Proposing at Sutro Baths allows you to combine the natural beauty of the ocean and the historical significance of the site. The ruins of the baths provide a historic and romantic setting for a proposal, with plenty of opportunities for stunning photos to capture the moment. Additionally, Sutro Baths is located in a relatively secluded area, providing privacy and intimacy for the proposal. You can enjoy a peaceful and romantic moment away from the crowds and distractions of the city.

Overall, proposing at Sutro Baths is a unique and memorable way to ask your significant other to marry you. The stunning views, historical significance, and romantic atmosphere make it a perfect location for a proposal that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We are here to help you create a truly unforgettable moment. Don't hesitate to email us today and let's start planning your dream proposal together.

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